Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Saturday - Pot Stickers for lunch?

Have you been to Trader Joes?  They have lots of really good food for less than other places sell it for.  One of my favorites is their pot stickers: veggie, chicken and cilantro, and shrimp.  I'll have one of each!  These are healthy eating...low fat I'm sure, some carbs in the wrapper, and a good balance of veggies in the filling.

I read the cooking instructions on the back of the bag and gave it a try.  That was a couple years ago - now, I've got it down.  Get your wok out, and set the stove for high and add a lot of olive oil (also from Trader Joe's), and start flipping them over and over till they're getting browned.

Once you have the heat up, and the browning going on, add a splash of cold water and slam the lid on it for a minute or two.  Steam gushes through the edge of the lid...then remove the lid, drizzle some soy sauce in, and do some more flipping till the liquid steams off....serve!

I like some hot sauce and discovered Sriracha years ago...garlic hot sauce.